"A Better Sun"


4 color screenprint

Edition of 50

Printed by Luke Martin




It's very rare that I ever get to do any personal pieces now adays, but every once in a while one finds it's way to the press. This piece was initially started way back in like May of 2017, and didn't finish it until the end of August the same year. Additionally, it was also the first piece that I used scratchboard with. Feels really nice to finally have it done. 

 The name "A Better Sun" (song from the band Sorority Noise) sort of goes hand in hand with the whole idea of "I'm trying my best". I feel like everyone has those points in life where everything sort of just rolls you, and you really kind of just want to give up. Hell I know I've been there, it was a time like that that pushed me to drop out of college. But during those times you've really just got to keep your head above the water, and do the best that you can. 

Every year, I've done a piece that raised money for some sort of charity or non-profit, as my way of giving back. 2015 supported the Red Cross and their efforts in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake, 2016 supported the ACLU in their fight against President Trump. 2017's goes towards the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and their efforts to help people better understand and work with these awful mental illnesses. For each purchase of "A Better Sun", 50% will be donated to the ADAA's cause. 

Anxiety and Depression is something that I personally struggled with for years, and I know I'm just one of millions. Never feel like there's nowhere to go or no one you can talk to. There's always people listening. 


You can read more about the ADAA Here

You can listen to the Sorority Noise "A Better Sun" Here