Untitled (137)

This piece was originally intended to be a gig poster for one of my favorite bands, but as things progressed things fell apart, and I was sort of just left with this piece that I put eight weeks of work into, and nothing to do with it. I told myself I would be damned if I didn't do anything with it.

So that's how "Untitled (137)" was born. Titled after the song of the same name, this piece serves as my tribute to Brand New and all that they've done for me. I wanted a piece that could be it's own standalone thing, while still having subtle connections to the band that it was originally for. There was so many different color schemes I wanted to use, I knew that a variant edition was bound to happen. I feel that the red and blue both balance eachother out nicely.

This is two out of three variations of this poster, being the blue and red art print versions.

Fight Off Your Demons, forever.

"Untitled (137)"


7 color screenprint

Printed by Luke Martin

Signed, open edition (red)

Signed, edition of 100 (blue)